Argosy Invests in Linx Technologies

On December 8, 2015, Argosy acquired a controlling ownership interest in Linx Acquisitions, LLC d/b/a Linx Technologies. Linx Technologies is a platform investment for Argosy.

Founded in 1997, the Company is a leading provider of wireless technology solutions to device manufacturers in the commercial, government, consumer, agricultural, and industrial segments. Linx designs and manufactures small, self-contained radios, called wireless or Radio Frequency (“RF”) modules that allow device manufacturers to enable wireless capabilities on their products. The Company also provides a variety of finished remote controls, antennas, and RF connectors. Linx offers a complete product portfolio that covers the end to end hardware needs required to deliver wireless capabilities and features. Currently, the Company generates the majority of its revenues through sales of RF remote control and GPS modules, RF connectors, and antennas.

Linx recently introduced a series of products under the Smartlinx brand that provide targeted solutions in the Internet of Things (“IoT”) domain. To be launched in 2016, the Company plans to provide an IoT cloud and application platform that makes it possible to monitor and control devices from a smartphone and the web. Smartlinx offers Linx customers the opportunity to quickly develop and bring to market end to end IoT solutions.