Linkage, Inc.

On July 23, 2013, Argosy Investment Partners IV, L.P. invested in Linkage, Inc. ( through participation in a recapitalization alongside two other private equity funds. Linkage was founded in 1988 to develop world class leaders and leadership teams. Over the past 25 years, the Company, based in Burlington, MA, has emerged as a pioneer in leadership development and training with one of the more respected and recognized names in the industry.

Linkage partners with organizations worldwide to build and strengthen leaders and leadership teams to produce superior operating and financial results. The success of Linkage can be traced to its: (i) significant proprietary portfolio of intellectual property, (ii) success as a platform for world-renowned thought leaders and global leadership institutes, and (iii) ability to customize its various services and learning modalities into tailored solutions.

As the leadership development market grew, Linkage established its thought leadership presence in the field through a dual strategy of pioneering its own proprietary research and acquiring supplemental content to develop a robust library of industry-leading core training programs, articles and industry research pieces, and best practice guides and books. Since its founding, Linkage diversified its practices through research in new topics, created its acclaimed learning institutes, and expanded its global reach by establishing its partner network of 19 global offices. As a result of its significant investments, the Company has become a leading provider of leadership development and talent management solutions.

Going forward the Company is well positioned to leverage favorable trends in the leadership development and talent management industry in order to achieve significant growth.