All investments by Fund

Argosy Private Equity has invested in over 100 companies through five private equity funds.

American Huts, Inc. Business Franchising
Atlantic Aviation / Executive Air Support, Inc. Aviation Services
Berger Holdings, Ltd. General Manufacturing
Brynavon Electronics Group, Inc. Industrial Electronics
CA Technology General Services
Clearwater, Inc. Industrial Manufacturing
Datalux Corporation Industrial Electronics
Dynagen, Inc. General Manufacturing
Eldorado Stone, LLC Industrial Manufacturing
Great Clips, Inc. Business Franchising
Hi-Temp Specialty Metals, Inc. Engineered Materials
J.T. Slocomb Corporation Aviation Services
Keystone Retaining Walls, Inc. Business Franchising
MFM Industries, Inc. General Manufacturing
Minco Investment, L.P. Engineered Materials
Nash Enterprises General Services
P.A. Plymouth, Inc. General Manufacturing
Servometer/Precision Manufacturing Group, LLC Industrial Manufacturing
Simkar, LLC General Manufacturing
Smart Choice General Services
Spring Air Partners General Manufacturing
Union Pen Company General Services
Vanguard Modular Building Systems, Inc. General Services
ACCT Holdings, LLC General Services
Aladdin Food Management Services, LLC General Services
AmBath / ReBath, LLC Business Franchising
Bentley Systems, Inc. Industrial Services
Cattron Group, Inc. Industrial Electronics
CTI / Composite Technology, Inc. Aviation Services
Dayton Parts, LLC Industrial Manufacturing
DelStar Technologies, Inc. Engineered Materials
Dimensions Holdings, LLC General Manufacturing
Elmet Technologies, Inc. Engineered Materials
Energy Manufacturing Company, Inc. Industrial Manufacturing
Filmpack Plastic Corporation General Services
FitzVogt & Associates General Manufacturing
Fraser-Volpe LLC Industrial Manufacturing
HB&G Building Products Holdings, L.P. Industrial Manufacturing
InPhonic, Inc. General Services
International Filing Company, LLC General Manufacturing
Keystone Ranger Holdings, Inc. Aviation Services
Nailite International Holdings, L.P. General Manufacturing
Nova Records Management, LLC General Services
Power Plus / S.R. Bray Corp. Industrial Services
PPI/Time Zero, Inc. Industrial Electronics
Security Services of America, Inc. General Services
Showtime Enterprises, Inc. General Services
SolomonEdwardsGroup, LLC General Services
The Tharpe Robbins Company, Inc. General Services
USA Staffing/Hobbs Staffing Services, Inc. Industrial Services
AbelConn, LLC Industrial Electronics
Climax Technologies, Inc. Industrial Manufacturing
CRS Reprocessing Services Industrial Services
Dayton Parts, LLC Industrial Manufacturing
DCI / Brillcast, Inc. Engineered Materials
Fab Tech, Inc. Engineered Materials
Gichner Holdings, Inc. Industrial Manufacturing
Liberty Propane General Services
Lone Star Beef Holdings, LLC Industrial Services
Natural American Foods Industrial Services
Nova Records Management, LLC General Services
Oneida Molded Plastics, LLC Engineered Materials
Revive Personal Products General Manufacturing
Salem One, Inc General Services
Sentient Flight Group f/k/a JetDirect Aviation, LLC Aviation Services
Sound Lounge General Services
Southeast-based Memorial Fabricator/Designer General Services
Trico Equipment, Inc. Industrial Services
Ultra Aluminum Manufacturing, Inc. General Manufacturing
Wisconsin Film and Bag, Inc. Engineered Materials
American Leather, Inc General Manufacturing
AP Services, Inc. Industrial Services
Atlantic Diagnostic Laboratories, LLC General Services
Autocrat, Inc. General Manufacturing
CBT Technologies, Inc. Industrial Electronics
Component Sourcing International Industrial Services
Enefco International, Inc. Engineered Materials
Fairway Building Products, LP General Manufacturing
Joliet Holdings, LLC Industrial Manufacturing
Karl’s Rental Center, Inc. General Services
Library Systems & Services General Services
Linkage, Inc. General Services
Olympia Chimney Supply, Inc. Industrial Manufacturing
Panhandle Oilfield Service Companies, Inc. Industrial Services
Quantum Clean. Industrial Services
Ranger International Services Group, Inc. Aviation Services
Roll Rite, LLC Industrial Manufacturing
SinterFire Inc. Engineered Materials
Southerland, Inc. General Manufacturing
Sure Fit, Inc. Industrial Manufacturing
Sussex Wire, Inc. Engineered Materials
Trico Equipment, Inc. Industrial Services
UC Coatings Corporation. Engineered Materials
AUC Group, L.P. Industrial Manufacturing
Casual Living and Trigon Plastics Engineered Materials
Combined Public Communications General Services
Flow Dry Technology, LLC Engineered Materials
Great Western Leasing & Sales, LLC General Manufacturing
Library Systems & Services General Services
Linx Technologies Industrial Electronics
Nationwide Industries Engineered Materials
Panhandle Oilfield Service Companies, Inc. Industrial Services
Parker School Uniforms, LLC General Manufacturing
Ranger Aerospace, LLC Aviation Services
Ranger AirShop Holdings, Inc. Aviation Services
Rita’s Franchise Company Business Franchising
SirsiDynix Holdings, LLC General Services

All investments by Sector

Our broad investment experience has enabled us to develop expertise in many industries. In particular, we have developed significant industry experience through investments in at least five companies in each of six sectors: