Capewell Aerial Systems, LLC
Designer, manufacturer, and distributor of aerial delivery products for the defense and law enforcement communities.
Casual Living and Trigon Plastics
Vertically integrated manufacturer of maintenance-free, 100% recycled poly-resin outdoor furniture and accessories, capable of producing custom furniture in twenty colors.
Enefco International, Inc.

Leading manufacturer of cleaning cards, cosmetic foam applicators, leatherboard shoe counters and industrial dies.
Flow Dry Technology, LLC
Leading provider of moisture control products and gaskets.
Nationwide Industries
Manufacturer and distributor of fence, deck, railing and patio hardware.
Oneida Molded Plastics, LLC

Manufacturer of premium injection molded plastic products and high quality secondary value-added services.
SinterFire Inc.

Leading manufacturer of proprietary frangible lead free ammunition projectiles used globally for military and law enforcement training and commercial shooting.
DCI / Brillcast, Inc.

Manufacturer of precision zinc, zinc alloy, and magnesium die castings for functional and decorative components.

DelStar Technologies, Inc.

Manufacturer of thermoplastic nets, nonwovens, laminates, and extruded components used in filtration, automotive, healthcare, industrial, food, electronics and textile markets.
Elmet Technologies, Inc.

Manufacturer of refractory metals (including molybdenum and tungsten) for use in data storage, semiconductor, furnace, medical, lighting, electronics, and aerospace components.
Fab Tech, Inc.

Manufacturer of engineered fluoropolymer–coated stainless steel exhaust systems for the semiconductor and other markets.
Hi-Temp Specialty Metals, Inc.

Recycler/reclaimer of high temperature refractory metals (primarily molybdenum, tungsten and tantalum). The company is also a toll converter of tantalum metal for the capacitor, vacuum melting, and metallurgical industries.
Minco Investment, L.P.

Manufacturer of premium-grade fused silica products, a technical consumable used worldwide in industrial process applications including precision investment casting, technical ceramics, fillers, and specialty refractories.
Sussex Wire, Inc.

Utilizes cold forming technology to quickly and efficiently manufacture highly engineered, micro-miniature precision metal and specialty alloy components.
UC Coatings Corporation.

Leading provider specialized emulsion coatings and wood protection products.
Wisconsin Film and Bag, Inc.

Manufacturer of high quality custom plastic film and bags for industrial and food processing customers.