Quantum Clean

On May 13, 2011, Argosy Private Equity provided financing to support the acquisition of Applied Materials’ (NASDAQ: AMAT) Chamber Performance Services Business (“CPS”) by Quantum Global Technologies, LLC (“Quantum”). Quantum (www.quantumclean.com), headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, was founded in 2000 by two chemical engineers (one from Air Products and one with a Kellogg School MBA) and has grown to become a leader in the high purity outsourced parts cleaning and coating industry with six ISO 9001 facilities in the U.S. and Singapore. CPS operates seven facilities in the U.S., Israel, Scotland, Taiwan and Singapore.

The combination of Quantum and CPS creates the largest U.S., and a strong international, supplier of cleaning and coating services to semiconductor fabrication companies. Using over 100 patented processed and advanced coating techniques, including a unique patent on quantifying surface purity, Quantum cleans both new and recycled parts to “clean room” standards and has become an integral service partner for companies.