SinterFire, Inc

On April 27, 2012, Argosy Investment Partners IV, L.P. acquired a controlling ownership interest in SinterFire, Inc. ( Founded in 1998, SinterFire is the leading manufacturer of frangible ammunition projectiles. Its projectiles are manufactured using a proprietary powdered metal. The Company is headquartered in Kersey, PA and led by its founder, a powdered metal engineer with substantial knowledge of the ammunition industry.

A technological leader in its industry, SinterFire has developed a patented line of copper and tin frangible projectiles. Frangible ammunition is designed to split apart at the point of contact with shooting targets, preventing hazardous ricochet. The Company’s products are considered the leading technological product line in the industry, providing customers with complete frangibility while maintaining high quality ballistics performance. SinterFire’s products are used mostly for military and law enforcement firearms and combat training.